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    WINKEL Hose Reels Catalogue

    PDF hose reel catalogue with 92 pages, all images with technical drawings and datas, all needed informations of WINKEL hose reels.
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    The FAST PICK STATION consists of a work station that processes, shrink wraps, stacks and conveys palett-ready shipments quickly and effi ciently. The goods are forwarded down through the shaft and shrink wrapped immediately, securing the goods for shipment.
    More about the FAST PICK STATION, you find here
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    The revolutionary new COLIBRI standard storage and retrieval systems for custom containers or cardboard cartons and Puma for pallets and larger crates lead the way over conventional systems storage systems. They will help maximize throughput, minimize storage space, and eliminate staging or buffer zones.
    More about COLIBRI, you find here
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  • NUOVO WINKEL systems

    WINKEL modular system for economical constructions

    Here you can get a detailed overview of the WINKEL linear system with all the available WINKEL components. The WINKEL linear system with load capacities of up to 100 tonnes can be customized according to your requirements. For this purpose, we only use high-quality components, which include internationally approved in the automotive industry. At WINKEL you will find components and systems for heavy loads.
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  • WINKEL systems

    Buffer storage

    With the Buffer storage from Winkel can be supported manufacturing very efficiently. In the smallest space, you can continuously load your machines with loads of up to 1000 kg.
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  • WINKEL systems

    FAST PICK - efficiently palletize

    Efficient palletizing of mixed goods and subsequent wrapping including empty pallet buffering to bridge the time for winding. Up to 800 pick / hour can be reached here.
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  • NUOVO WINKEL systems

    COLIBRI - Simply more efficiency and improved warehouse utilization.

    How can warehouse space be optimized - without wasting space, while minimizing buffer zones for pallet handling or staging?
    The revolutionary new COLIBRI standard storage and retrieval system.
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  • NUOVO WINKEL systems

    PUMA retrieval system for pallets and larger crates lead

    PUMA lead the way over conventional systems storage systems. They will help maximize throughput, minimize storage space and eliminate staging or buffer zones.
    The new standard from WINKEL - Partner for work flow and storage solutions.
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  • WINKEL Bearings

    Wiper system AP-LUB

    Best protection! Best protection for WINKEL Bearings and profiles. The wiper system prevent contamination of dust and debris between bearing and rail.
    Wiper system AP-LUB
  • WINKEL Bearings

    Precision WINKEL Bearings axial bearing fixed

    Advantages Precision WINKEL Bearings: Less clearance between bearing and profile.
    More Precision WINKEL Bearings
  • WINKEL Bearings

    High temperature WINKEL-Bearings

    High temperature WINKEL-Bearings: WINKEL Bearings of range HT are made for high temperature applications up to 250°C with tolerance C3, high temperature grease and viton sealings.
    More High temperature Bearings

    WINKEL bearings are used in the roof of the World Trade Center.

    The Transportation Hub is being built on the site of the World Trade Center that was destroyed in 2001, together with four new skyscrapers. The Winkel bearings will be used in the retractable roof of the more than three billion dollar building.
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    WINKEL high Performance Chain lift with double depth storage for beverage industry.

    WINKEL delivered 12 High-Performance chain lifts with 38 m stroke height, load 2 x 1.000 kg with double deep telescopic forks. The chain lifts have a stroke speed 4 m/s and is used for a logistic center in the beverage industry.
    High-Performance chain lifts

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Maintenance & adjustment WINKEL Bearings


Regolazione dei cuscinetti un perno eccentrico


Regolazione dei cuscinetti mediante l’impiego di anelli distanziali


Regolazione dei Jumbo cuscinetti un perno eccentrico


Regolazione dei cuscinetti mediante l’impiego di distanziali.


Montaggio smontaggio del cuscinetto



COLIBRI - No slip, positive power transmission, precise positioning.


COLIBRI - more space for higher performance.


SMART-PICK-Station, optimized for commissioning efficiency


FAST PICK Station, optimized for commissioning efficiency


WINKEL Axis systems Serie SLE


WINKEL Axis Systems Serie DLE


WINKEL Robot Loading Cell for tooling machines


PUMA pallet SR Storage and Retrieval machines